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I was up in London over the weekend and my son Adam introduced me to one of his friends, Stuart.

Stuart has a physical theatre company, jugglers, tumblers, actors … and, when I shared with him what we are doing down here, he excitedly told me that they had just hired Peta Lily to direct their new show.

He could not stop raving about her … he told me how amongst many other theatre skills, she includes methods from Qi Gong, and teaches how to move and perform using the energy of the Hara, the place in the body where the “elixir of life is created and the energy that speaks the truth, open and frankly, is situated”.

As he was telling me I thought “this has to be perfect for solo and Totnes!”

The more I learn about Peta the more excited I am about hosting her here next month. The combination of skills and experience she brings will be invaluable to anyone thinking about performing, solo or not.

Peta Lily. Image credit:

Peta Lily in her one-woman show Chastity Belt
Image source and story: Clowning Around With Peta Lily, in

I am not a practitioner of Qi Gong or any of the other martial, spiritual or energy-healing arts, but when I hear people who are speak about them, or read what they have written about guiding the mind to focus and presence, about being an experience that is beyond the everyday-mind, and reaching a space of wholeness and completeness, I recognise the descriptions from my own process of doing solo, writing, creating, imagining, rehearsing, letting go, surrendering myself to the characters and to the performance, becoming one with the audience and serving something greater than myself.

I have a feeling that’s the possibility of the weekend with Peta.

About half the places for the solo winter school have now been booked or requested—so, if you would like one of the remaining places, please contact me now.

Dates: Friday 20 February to Sunday 22 February 2015.

Provisional Times (tbc):

Friday 10am – 5pm.
Saturday 10am – 5pm.
Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Venue: Ashprington Village Hall.

Tuition: £155.00.

More information about Winter School

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