Winter School: four weeks to go

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Four weeks to go before the Winter School (February 28, March 1st and 2nd) and half the places are already taken. So if you want to join us, please be in touch with me as soon as possible. You’ll find my contact details at the foot of this post.

Calendar, February & March 2014

I spoke yesterday to Simon (Thorne) who is very excited about coming to Totnes to lead the Winter School.

I told him that some of us had looked at his website and weren’t certain about what he could do in the arena of Solo Autobiographical theatre.

Here’s what he told me:

He has an extraordinary long history of working with some of the finest actors and acting teachers in the world … including people who had been trained directly by Jerzy Growtowski.

Growtowski is considered one of the world’s great experimental directors and innovators in theatre. He drew on different cultures, shamanism, ritual and mythology to make shows.

He also said that he loves working with people who are ‘untrained’ and helping them discover that “they already know what to do” … it’s just a question of liberating the knowledge.

We will do this through working with our voices, our bodies and our imaginations, and we will all end up with some new, simple tools that we use in our shows.

There was a great part of the conversation where Simon recounted to me that he had recently had a commission to work on recreating the first Palaeolithic music and singing, and how he and the people he was working with made up a new language of sound. He likened this process to discovering the sources of our own stories and inventing new stories for ourselves.

Apart from all that we will play and discover what ever emerges from beyond the boundaries of our familiar selves.

Simon is also trained in integrative counselling and is fascinated by family stories and inherited narratives and how they can be transformed.

So … call or email me today to reserve a place on the workshop!

Mobile: 07838 196628


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