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So here I am sitting in my kitchen at dusk, after dinner, finishing my glass of wine, the sun is setting in the west over Totnes Castle and I am looking out of the window in the other direction north, over the River Dart and the hills towards Stoke Gabriel, and suddenly a hot air balloon descends into the frame, and it gets stuck, or lands, or something, and all I can see is the top half of the balloon, sitting like a giant beach ball on the top of the hill, and I have absolutely no idea what the rest of the story is … all I have is this fragment … and I have to rely on my imagination to fill in the rest until I have a chance to speak to the writers of the story …

And I’m sure you already get where I’m going with this …

Performing solo autobiographical theatre means choosing fragments of your life to share with your audience … you invite the audience into a private conversation and it is electric … it is thrilling for the actor and for the audience … and it is a unique kind of thrilling … it’s different from watching a play, and different from being at a storytelling … the thrill for the actor is stepping outside themselves into a character or characters they know, which could include their own self, and experiencing them in a way that they have never known or seen before, and this transformation is witnessed by the audience and acknowledged, and in so doing a new, re-authored story circulates in the community; the thrill for the audience is bearing witness to an act of transformation, the revealing and sharing of a new possibility that touches them and leaves them with hope and insight, inspiration and motivation …

From the fragments of a story an entire life is revealed.

And this is what the festival is for – this is the WHY that stands behind the project.

The festival provides a unique opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their unique voice – to work with national and international directors, actors and teachers, to develop their voice, their story and their theatre skills.

It creates an extraordinary environment for the community to learn about and appreciate each other in a profound way which enhances the quality of community life throughout the year.

People who would not normally have a chance to act have an amazing opportunity to discover their voice and have their story publicly acknowledged and recognized.

So, come see the performances, join a workshop, be on the festival team … give me a call and let me know how you would like to participate and

Please help ensure that the festival happens again this year …

Go now to Kickstarter and make a donation to our fundraising project – as a reward for your donation we will give you tickets to the performances .. so choose a reward level that works for you, fill in your details and press the button.

Thank you … and see you at the festival.


The festival is 29th June – 6th July
Just outside Totnes

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