Solo School

Solo School meetings take place in the Totnes (Devon, UK) area on Thursday evenings during term time.

Each term focuses on a different aspects of solo performance, such as devising, writing, character development, plot and story, and stage skills, reaching the summit at the Nearly Real Theatre Festival that takes place each July.

Group work and assignments run in parallel with the weekly meetings. Each person is assigned a practice partner and has access to individual coaching and direction.

Tuition fee: £150.00, payable in advance.

You can find more information below.

For further details or to reserve your place, please call Mo Cohen on 07838 196628 or use the contact form.

Why do people join Solo School ?

They are clear that creating and staging a solo autobiographical performance will help them embrace and celebrate events that have been clouding their lives and inhibiting full creative expression.

They have a conviction that solo will open up a future that is different from one that might otherwise be predicted.

They are excited by the possibility of stretching themselves by taking on a new challenge, something they have never done before.

They are seeking community, mutual support and solidarity with others who have chosen this path.

They come to the realisation that “the script is everything” and that they can create a powerful and authentic performance no matter how good (or otherwise) an actor they may be.

What happens at the weekly Solo School meetings?

People write, play, perform, share, discuss, coach each other, experiment, push the boundaries, step outside their comfort zones, critique work in progress, get to know each other, become acquainted with their stories as viewed from another perspective, and drink tea and coffee. They often bring wine and cakes to share.

How big is the group?

Everyone needs and gets individual attention, so the maximum group size is 10 people. A second group will be formed should this limit ever be reached.

Spring Term 2015

Details coming soon.

Nearly Real Theatre Festival 2016

A celebration of solo autobiographical theatre

Next year’s festival is at the planning stage. It will take place in July, as in previous years. Please watch this space for more information.

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