Plans for the rest of 2014, and for 2015

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Dear Friends

I hope you’re all having a great summer.

Well … we had ourselves another festival and it was fantastic … intimate, engaging, authentic and entertaining. Thank you everyone who helped make it happen.

The standard of the performances was even higher than last year.

If you missed any of the shows we are considering putting on a special day of performances later in the year, and we will be posting some of the highlights on this website soon.

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes, and it’s taken us a bit longer than expected to be up and running, but now, here are our plans for the coming year:

The next festival will be at the beginning of July 2015. It will be either the first week or the second – we just need to finalise coordination with our sponsors, as soon as that is done we will let you know.

Lucy and I are designing the weekly meetings as an ongoing Solo School, where each term builds on what has come before, reaching the summit at the festival.

Each term will focus on a different aspects of solo performance, writing, devising, character development, plot and story, stage skills etc.

We will be raising the bar, making these evenings truly informative and transformative, fertile, creative and inspiring.

The solo group will start again on September 18th. There will be a thirteen week term until December 11th then we will take a break and begin again in January.

The second term will begin with a winter intensive, (along the lines of the previous winter school run by Simon Thorne) and will continue until around Easter, and the third term will be the intensive rehearsal time leading up to the festival.

During the year there will be group work and assignments, everyone will be assigned a practice partner and everyone will have a chance to receive some individual coaching and direction.

We are planning to build and expand on the success of the past two years. To that end we are offering each term at the reduced tuition fee of £150, making it available to everyone who wants to take part.

If you want more details, or a chat, or you know you want to book, please call me on 07838 196628. Or you can use the contact form, located here.

We looking forward to playing, creating and being with you

Mo Cohen
Founder and Director
Nearly Real Theatre

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