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It occurred to me while I was reading through my script last night that some, or even many of you, will have seen my first show Moses Morris Harry and Me and all the promotion for this year’s festival has said that I am resurrecting that show, particularly as some people never saw it and asked me to repeat it.

What has happened in the process of revisiting that performance is that I discovered that it is ‘cooked’ … complete … I don’t need to revisit it at all … in fact ‘it’ refused to be resurrected.

And so I have written a new show, with new questions and new discoveries about myself; some of it builds on Moses Morris directly and refers back to it—some of it is entirely new and reflects where I am now in my life.

The title of the new show is Moksha. This is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation, self realization and self knowledge.

So if you were thinking not to come on Friday 10th July because you had already seen my previous show, I invite you personally to come and see this new show. I would appreciate your support very much.

Nearly Real Theatre Festival 2015: full programme

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