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A festival that elevates the human spirit. Stories of triumphs and accomplishment. Performances that inspire and make your heart sing.

Hello again

Welcome to the 2014 Solo Festival crowdsourcing project.

What an unwieldy name … Solo Autobiographical Theatre

and yet this is definitely an idea whose time has come. Everywhere you look, people are turning their stories into performance.


This is a form of theatre that is transformational … theatre that leaves both the performer and the audience inspired by what is possible, touched by what they have been part of and moved by the privilege of being witness to a story of courage and commitment ..

What is it exactly?

This is very personal theatre – up close and up front. The person on stage is showing part or parts of their story. They wrote it and produced it, they may or may not have worked with a director … but it is essentially a one person performance. It is their personal truth. It may be fragmented or cohesive, disjointed or connected; which ever way it is, we, the audience, are invited to enter and join the journey. Together we hold a conversation.

It’s not story telling … it’s theatre, drama. The person on stage is an actor not a story teller. They inhabit their characters, they show you their tale, they are living in and present to the world they are creating, usually they are acting not improvising, although some people choose to craft their performance differently every time ..

Last year

we were newcomers to the field and we had a festival that went way beyond our expectations … this year we are out-to-go-beyond again … and we need your support more than ever

It is easy to generate enthusiasm, energy and interest when something is new … it is more difficult to sustain that momentum … and it can only be achieved by community …

Here are the facts from last year

Six days of festivities: a gala opening, a master class, over 20 performances of varying lengths, styles and mood, a key note interview, a round table discussion, a cafe, two parties, visitors from out of town and abroad

A total of 350 people in the audience – over 30 every night – sometimes as many as 70 – and we thought 12 a night would be successful!

From the opening moments there were laughter and tears, authenticity and vulnerability, new conversations and new connections ..

We have had two on going weekly practice groups since the festival, one before Christmas and one since March

We ran an amazing three day winter workshop led by Simon Thorne on theatre skills for solo performers … it was awesome ..

That was all down to the funding we received.

And here is our picture for this year

So far:

We have booked a bigger venue so that everyone can be comfortable even when more people attend.

We are in conversation with a number of performers and workshop leaders from around the country.

We have expanded the programme to include more workshops so that people can participate at different levels of experience.

All this means a much bigger financial commitment and outlay.

So we are asking you to help us meet this expense.

Take a look at the rewards … choose the one that works for you .. for most (almost all) of your donations you get tickets in return … so book your seats now and support us in making the festival come to life again

Risks and challenges

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This year we need funds to help spread the word to as many people as possible and make the festival world class and truly special. The funds will go to rent rehearsal space, market the event to a wider audience, pay the printing costs of festival materials, purchase any necessary resources and cover transportation and travel expenses incurred by our visiting performers and other special guests.

We need to fund the festival to run smoothly and successfully. It’s a not-for-profit enterprise and we know from last year that it will incur bills.

We are sure that there are solo fans all over the world. Some of you may be able to travel to Devon to take part in the festival; many will not. But you will be able to be a part of this project in spirit, supporting the growth of this mighty-mini-art-form. Funding this festival via Kickstarter will help directly to pay all these costs of running and promoting it. Our needs are not huge; we only require enough funds to successfully produce the events to their maximum. All your contributions will go directly to promoting and supporting the events in the festival.

What do we plan to do with the money

Rehearsal space We want to give everyone time to rehearse their show before the festival.

Facilitators Doing solo in a group means that there is a limit to the number of people we can include – so we will expand the number of workshops and make the workshops available to more people – this means more facilitators and more fees.

Publicity We want to get the word out to as many people as we can so we would like to find a publicist to help promote the festival through press and media.

Resources and materials Lighting, sound, props, workbooks etc.

Postage and handling

Marketing materials Design, printing, distribution.

Web stuff Design, domain names, hosting, updating.

Artists’ expenses Fees, travel costs, accommodation, meals, transport.

You trusted us with your money last year and we didn’t let you down … we hope you will trust us again … to grow and to build on our success.

So, a final request

Whether you supported us last year or are a first time supporter, if you are able, please donate now (£1 minimum pledge).

Thank you. We hope to see you at the festival.

Mo Cohen
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Nearly Real Theatre

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