Jason Burns: A Part & Apart of ‘Me’

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When I asked this year’s performers to send through something about themselves, and something about their shows Jason sent me what you see below.

I thought it was too good not to share it with everyone, and Jay gave me his permission to let you all see it.

Here it is in a very slightly edited form. if you are inspired to see Jason’s show, or any of the others, there are also some details about where to purchase tickets at the end of Jason’s piece. Read on…

About me

Jason Burns

I’m Devon-born and have been living in Totnes for 20 years. I will have just turned 45 by the time of my performance.

I live with my wife, Jo, my teenage daughter Ruby, and two step-daughters, Jess and Meg, now in their twenties.

I’m a social worker. I work with foster carers, helping them to look after children in care; children likely to have been neglected and traumatised.

I love my life, I love my wife, and I love my children.

My life’s not always been like that, but in my early adult life, I chose to seek triumph over my early difficulties, and to grow; it’s taken about this long to see the fruits of my sustained efforts!

I decided that 45 is a good age to let others witness a little of my transformation, so I chose to begin Solo work last September, to manifest a play.

About my piece: A Part & Apart of ‘Me’

I have considered the possibility of showing people a little more about me for some time.

I’ve been aware of Solo for a few years, and friends of mine have created autobiographical stories. I have been both moved, inspired, and motivated by them, to do that, for myself in the now, and in the future; I think the effect of this kind of work ripples, in many, yet unknown ways.

I have relayed, in my head, over and over again, some of the nuggets of memory that have become A Part & Apart of ‘Me’. I never thought they’d get further than aspects of my internal commentary, so I am excited, that I am getting to show them, and fascinated by how the show will be received.

For nine months I have been in creation and reflection, a roller-coaster of extremes, using the incredible format of Solo to manifest my story. By telling my story, it contributes to my continuing journey of becoming more that just that narrative.

Solo is a gift we give to the world, so that ordinary folk can write, and star in their own play (the star of a play about yourself, who else is better placed to do that?).

This feels like a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’; I’m going to entertain, rouse, shock, sadden, and maybe inspire my audience, in particular, my birth family (most particularly my daughter, for whom, immediately after me, this is for), and my community-family.

My piece takes me back to childhood, to early adulthood, and to the time when I discovered love, and peace within myself; a stillness that has allowed me to triumph, grow and flourish, within a community of kindred souls.

Jason Burns

Nearly Real Theatre Festival 2015: full programme

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