2015 Festival | Update 3

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Nine weeks to go

You will certainly have much more sense than I do of how busy you are and how much notice you need in advance to accept an invitation. I know if I am arranging something at work it needs at least 16 weeks planning to get something into the diary if there are more than three or four people involved. As far as the festival is concerned I am already aware of one major clash with another event I wanted to be part of.

It’s about nine weeks to the festival. We’ll open the doors at 6.30pm on the night of Thursday 9 July, likewise on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the doors will open at 2.00pm for the matinee.

If you are already planning on coming to see any one (or more) of the shows please put it in your diary now. So many people in previous years have told me they missed a performance they wanted to see because the forgot to schedule the evening.

Tickets are on sale now, through me directly. Go to contact page

Which brings me to a second point. I decided this year not to do a Kickstarter video, for three reasons:

  • It’s a hell of a lot of work (a full month of writing, filming, monitoring).
  • If you don’t reach the target you set you don’t get anything at all. Last year we missed the target.
  • Most people used it to purchase tickets in advance.

Some people backed the project from afar without coming or needing tickets and that was, and still is a fabulously generous gesture, thank you; but by and large people locally opted to purchase their tickets in advance through the Kickstarter website.

So this year I am going to experiment with prioritising advance ticket sales direct and trust that I raise enough to fund the project through face to face or local contact.

If you still feel that you would like to support the festival and know you won’t be coming, either because of time or distance, or any other reason, you can still contribute – e-mail or phone me and I will give you the banking transfer details.

Meanwhile, I will have tickets with me at all times so “if you see me walking by” consider me a mobile box office! Or again, e-mail me to let me know you are coming, how many tickets you would like and I will send you the banking transfer details.

Tickets this year will be £8.00 per person per show; £15.00 for two tickets; £5.00 per ticket for purchases of four or more. The ball is rolling – 22 tickets are sold so far!

Details of the running order can be found here, so choose your nights and be in touch. The festival looks really great. Do come!

Looking forward to being with you all at the festival.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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