2015 Festival | Update 2

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Nearly Real Theatre: Third Festival of Solo Autobiographical Theatre

Well, we are busy making plans and making progress – the performers are busy finishing their scripts, beginning rehearsals, crafting their sets.

From everything I have seen and heard the festival has a really crafted and curated feel this year.

So here is the next update about the Festival programme.

We are very grateful to be sponsored again this year by our friends at Heart & Soul Funerals.

Thursday 9 July
Doors open at 6.30pm
Katie Whitehouse will be performing some autobiographical songs throughout the evening, also Agata K will perform again as she has in the previous two festivals, if you haven’t seen Agata perform she brings a grace and a humour that is simply delightful. And for the first time we welcome Tobias Kaye as a performer. Tobias has supported the festival from the audience previously and this year he takes to the boards. Working with Tobias in the Solo group this years has been a unique experience. He brings a level of spontaneity, authenticity and depth to his writing and his improvisations that I find unrivalled.

Friday 10 July
Doors open at 6.30pm
Jenny Dainton will tell the story of her art, woven with tales of exile emigration and the story of Rachel who worked in the sweat shops of the Lower East Side at the turn of the century;  Emily Faircloth will perform episodes from her life from curious angles and perspectives and Mo Cohen is planning to resurrect his show about the impact of displacement, prejudice, trauma and war.

Saturday 11 July
Doors open at 6.30pm
Mark Bedford and Jason Burn will perform. Mark is a master storyteller and so far he is keeping his show under wraps … so watch out for more information. Jason will present a family narrative that moves through dependence, independence to interdependence.

Sunday 12 July
Matinee 2.30pm – 5.00pm
There will be a matinee consisting of a unique audience participation performance; we all have a story to tell come along and tell parts of yours, listen to parts of other people’s and share in the creation of a community narrative.

Can you help?

Meanwhile we are looking for a grifter bicycle, four wooden step ladders and some planks, for the different sets. If you can help please let me know.

Similarly, if you can lend a hand with the bar, front of house, stage management I would be grateful. Let me know either by email or call on 07838 196628.


If you would like to book tickets let me know too.

Tickets will cost £8.00 each; two for £15.00; five (or more) for a fiver each.

It would be really helpful to sell tickets in advance so I know how many people are coming each evening and to know that the costs of the festival are covered.

So please start booking now; crowdsourcing this year through me directly – not Kickstarter!

Finally, just another word about the power of autobiographical solo.

Solo performance is an art form of its own.

You weave a story from fragments, from the fabric, of your life and take the risk of offering it to an-other …

some of whom may know you well, others who may be total strangers … and you ask them to look (optimistically) …

not from a place of judgement or evaluation, but from a place of self-reflection, from their own life and experience, from their heart and not their mind, to look not at you but at themselves, and this is risky business, asking someone else to look inwards  …

if and when it works, the solo performance stops being a monologue and becomes a dialogue, a multi-logue, parallel conversations, actively a shared creation …

and you never really know how it is landing …

on every scale its success depends on its landing …

and on a becoming …

becoming one with yourself and with the audience …

the personal becomes universal and the individual become communal.

Solo, performing and watching is a thrilling ride. Come see.

Warmest love,


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