Captain Awkward invites you to Winter School

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Hannahs Bistro

Credit: Dame Hannah Rogers Trust

I work at Seale-Hayne, over near Newton Abbot. There’s a bistro on site (pictured here) and because I usually eat wheat, carb and dairy free, my orders for breakfast or lunch are often just off their menu.

So, one morning George, the waiter says, as he walks over to our table: “What’s it going to be this morning, Captain Awkward?”

I loved it. Ever since Elenna Mosoff from Toronto performed at the first festival as the Adventure Bandit I have been searching for my stage alter ego, and Captain Awkward is a perfect fit! Thank you George.

So in my exploration of this character I was wondering how Cap’n A would describe solo. Here’s what he told me:

There are lots of words that fit with solo. For example, ontology means to study something. So solontology is the study of solo. Wow.

And opilate is to block up. So solopilate is to to be blocked in your performance or your writing. “Man, I just can’t get passed this solopilation.” “I was on stage and I suddenly solopilated.”

Oragious means stormy, and a stormy solo show is soloragious. “That was a soloragious performance I saw last night.”

And opinable means able to be thought. Therefore Solopinable means able to be thought and performed in a solo show. “I just had this incredibly solipinable idea for my next show.”

If you think you might have an alter ego who would like to come out to play, invite her or him to join you at Winter School in February.

Bring along Mr Momentum, or Frieda Fierce, the restless angel, or Dame Ida Pint, Isaac the Scholar or The Taverner, Delilah DeLicious or Doc Defiant.

Who ever you want to join you can come for free. There are still a few places left.

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