Moses Morris Harry and Me: watch it here

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It only took five years, but the video of Moses Morris Harry and Me, my first solo autobiographical theatre performance, is now on YouTube in its entirety. The video running time is a little under 50 minutes. I would really appreciate … Continued

Winter School 2016 with Peta Lily (2)

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In the early 1970s the great British theatre director Peter Brook took a group of actors on a trip through the Sahara desert, through Mali and Niger and Nigeria in search of the universal language of theatre. Peter Brook (credit: … Continued

Winter School 2016 with Peta Lily (1)

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This year’s Nearly Real Theatre Festival performances were helped in large part by the work we did with Peta Lily at last year’s winter school. It was amazing – fantastic, frenetic, fun, and full of new ideas and possibilities for solo performance … Continued

2015 Festival | Update 7

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Thank you Heart & Soul Funerals Before I go too far in this update I want to thank our sponsors, Heart & Soul Funerals / Green Fuse Bereavement Care (Simon Smith, Jane Morell, Hannah, Massimo, Ruth and the rest of the team), for their generosity and … Continued

Mo’s new show

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It occurred to me while I was reading through my script last night that some, or even many of you, will have seen my first show Moses Morris Harry and Me and all the promotion for this year’s festival has … Continued

Seven shows not to be missed

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The Guardian newspaper sent me an e-mail newsletter this morning with the title: Seven shows not to be missed. And the shows looked pretty good—there were several I would love to see—but they were all in London at the National Theatre on the South Bank. So … Continued

2015 Festival | Update 6

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I want to let you know about a couple of adaptations we are making to the programme … There’s no change to the daily schedule, at least as far as I know, no one has dropped out … but there … Continued