Mo Cohen, co-founder and co-director, Nearly Real Theatre

Nearly Real Theatre alters the angle from which people see their story, and enables them to change the meaning of this story so that it propels them towards fulfilling their potential.

This potent mix of new perception and new meaning is produced through the following set of activities:

1. Undertaking an enquiry in which the person is both researcher (of their personal history, the dynamics of their relationships and so on) and research subject.

2. Writing, devising and rehearsing a solo autobiographical performance.

With coaching from Mo Cohen and the support of other members of Nearly Real Theatre, people find ways to let go of the past, create new possibilities and expand their potential. They learn to trust their intuition, be fully present and share themselves authentically.

3. Reflecting on this work and refining the upcoming performance.

4. Giving the performance at an event such as the annual Nearly Real Theatre Festival. The audience becomes engaged in a transformational process and experiences an enquiry into the human condition that is likely to resonate with them. Issues of social justice are often explored.

The actor makes a total gift of himself.

Jerzy Grotowski

As people move through this set of activities, they start to see themselves as artists, they become increasingly curious about the workings of the world and their relationship with it, and they glimpse the true nature of reality.

The whole process is an endless exploration—one that is designed to generate more questions than answers.

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