2015 Festival | Update 6

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I want to let you know about a couple of adaptations we are making to the programme …

There’s no change to the daily schedule, at least as far as I know, no one has dropped out … but there are some adjustments to what people are going to show …

First, Thursday night … rather than being finished shows we’re going to show “live and in the moment” how we create Solo.

In a piece that we are calling The Art of Letting Go, Agata Krajewska is going to explore some of the dynamics and challenges of Solo.

In her words:

“What it’s like to create something … the initial excitement of an idea, how it changes, all the ups and downs along the way, getting stuck, what it means to be identified with being an artist, having to let it go, and then re-emerging. The whole thing of identity that gets created and challenged along the way and needing to let go of fixed ideas about the project again and again”.

I’m really excited by what Agata and I are planning, it’s an experiment in solo we are both inspired by our discussions in Thrive Café (nice job Steve!) left us buzzing with new ideas. Do come see.

And there may still be some changes to Tobias’s show – I’ll keep you posted

Next, Friday night On a personal note, I wanted to tell you that my own show Moses Morris Harry and Me has refused to be resurrected in its old form and has demanded rewriting, relearning and restaging … and actually has come to life in a much more meaningful way for me as I am today.

Matinee on Sunday The interactive matinee on Sunday will be a great opportunity for you to “take to the page or the stage”  … we will create very short shows together and then whoever is inclined to perform will have the chance. The process is simple, you can’t get it wrong and you will not have to do anything you are not up for!

So as always I invite you all to come and see as many shows as you can … they are all very different … and they are an opportunity for the community to celebrate one another

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